Sunday, July 31, 2011

We'll See...

I really thought the Prez would invoke 14th Amendment.
Now there's a "deal" to avoid default. Some in the Tea Party are crowing, other TP-ers not so much.
just heard Rep. Grimm (TP) say that he would vote for the anti-New Deal. He said that President Obama has been on a "spending spree." (!) Really?
How can "journalists" let him get away with such a lie? So far, Dems hate the deal, TP's kinda hate it, too. Boehner sold it to caucus by gloating that taxes would not be raised.
Looks like it's gonna pass.
The deal--still in the "framework" phase--would raise Debt Ceiling right away, and form a bipartisan committee to study cutting 1 trillion $ from budget (if they can do it without tax reform, fine) by November.
(Didn't Boehner & Cantor walk away from a much BETTER deal for them two or three weeks ago?) hope for revenue is if T. P. Isn't able to keep Bush tax cuts from expiring.
Stay tuned...

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