Saturday, August 27, 2011

Florida Governor's Drug Testing Plan Costs more than it Saves

Florida  Governor Rick Scott, declaring that his sate refused pay for the drug addictions of welfare recipients, began in June to test such recipients for drugs--at the expense of those who were tested.
He said that the state would reimburse people for  any negative test results. 
The general population tests 8.5% positive for drugs. 
Florida's welfare recipients tested 2% positive. 
The money being reimbursed to the 98% of those who had negative test results greatly exceeds the amount of money "saved" by witholding state money from the 2% of Florida's welfare recipients who tested positive.
The Governor embarked on this activity apparently because he made a false assumption based on prejudice about the poor.
Despite this, other states are considering requiring drug tests for those who apply for state aid--including, in some cases, unemployment benefits.

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