Thursday, September 1, 2011


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Why I Have to Learn to Draw with My Left Hand…

This is sort of the way the whole thing played out …on June 29, right after we got back from Edisto Beach, my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter came to supper.

During their visit, I was carrying the tray to the baby’s high chair to the sink to wash it off--and suddenly, I was flat on my face on the floor, with my right shoulder in a lot of pain!

"WTF???" I yelled, only I didn't use the acronym.

I had fallen over a watermelon that somebody I normally love but who gets more like his daddy every day had left smack dab in the traffic pattern of our kitchen.  I landed hard on my knees and elbows.  

My right shoulder must have gotten jammed in its socket, because that was—and is--where the pain lodged.

I couldn't use my right hand on my computer drawing tablet, among other things.

My hand is fine--but moving it really hurts my shoulder.

Jim took me to the doctor the next morning instead of playing golf, which was only fair.  My doctor x-rayed it and said she didn't see any broken bones, but was not ruling out tendon damage.  At best, it was a bad strain, she said.

After the accident, Jim had blamed the watermelon, and smashed it against the deck rail and tossed it into the back yard, where it fermented in the sun for a few days.  

Then, a day or two later, he was futzing around in the yard—and a swarm of drunken, belligerent yellow jackets who had spent too much time on the watermelon attacked him!  

15 stings.  We had to wash Jim down and apply Afterbite, Benedryl gel, and Benydril by mouth.
He couldn't sleep for the itching that night.

 I figured Justice was served, and he agreed.

Anyway—back to me--my arm kept hurting, so I went to an orthopedic surgeon.
I’ve seen him before, and I wanted his opinion on the shoulder situation. 

I trust him because his mama is a friend of mine, and when he was a kid, she used to help him collect road kill and other dead forest animals to boil the flesh off of, so he could study the bones.  I take that as a sign of dedication.  I’m pretty confident that he knows how bones are supposed to fit together.

He sent me to Physical Therapy.

I’ve been going to Physical Therapy for this shoulder for weeks now, and although it’s gotten stronger, the pain hasn’t gone away.  It still really hurts when I use my right hand to draw on the computer, like for my blog.
My surgeon friend has prescribed an MRI, since I’m still having pain, to see if there’s a rotator cuff tear.  If there is, depending on how bad it is, he may have to operate--after which my arm will be immobilized for a month or two.

I really don’t want to stop doing the blog, but it hurts too much to draw—so I have decided to try to learn to draw with my left hand. 

My first attempt to draw Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is, well, not up to my standards.  I may have to try to do a “cartoony-er” style to accommodate the spastic actions of my left hand…

So the art you will see here for the next few months will be part of a learning process. 

I hope yall will bear with me as I try to learn this thing….



Great Dane said...

Sorry about your shoulder.certainly donot wish for it to be immobilized,I will miss your drawings. But if it mahes you feel any better,your left hand job , is a LOT better than my right hand work ( and,no, I am not naturrally left handed).I hope you will be able to write your comments, I enjoy reading your opinion.It may be a little biases,but I know it comes straigt from your heart,so keep up the good work

kate salley palmer said...

My Dear Great Dane--Thanks for the encouragement! I will continue my comments, of course--even though they are biased. Political cartoons are biased, too!
You Danes are so used to civil discourse because you are all either Social Democrats or Democratic Socialists or whatever, and your "crazy" politicians have to band together in the "crazy coalition" which has no power.
(Ours keep running for President!) It's working for y'all. Practically no unemployment, free health care, education--huge middle class--and you are more than willing to pay taxes for these things because your tax code is fair and you all know it.

Great Dane said...

Dear Kate,I strongly,and respectfully disagree when you call Danes Socialists of one kind or another. In American eyes it may seem that way. The fact is that (almost) all of us are " centrists " and this fact means that all of our political parties move to the center in order to get elected. Which again means that we have a Big Middle Class,to which all the parties must pay attention,as the Midl.Cl. Decides which parties Must get together and find a comprimise for a common ground on which to form a Government. Thus we are spared parties with extreme positions, except one on the far left,which never gains more than about 3 - 5% of the votes.Happy about paying taxes? .no , but we do accept the need for paying ( heavy ) taxes in order to enjoy the priviliges of being citicens in a WELFARE STATE, and NOT in a Socialist States. In my (modest) opion there is a great diff. Between the Socialist-- and theWelfare State. I know that not many Americans are aware of this, or even know anything about it, .Too Bad.
I know you cannot "replace one system with another in te short run, but it never hurt anybody to get aquanted with other political systems.
Kate,I knew of John. C. Calhoun ,but did the idea of connecting his ideas with the ideas of the Governor of Texas.Keep up the good work

kate salley palmer said...

Hey, Leif--Sorry I forgot to wish you a happy birthday Saturday! Hope you had fun!
Actually, in reference to Denmark's form of government, I was trying to be polite. Here in this country, the term "Welfare State" is even more derogatory than "Socialist."
I'm glad you asked for clarification on Perry. It made me realize that my blog was too long, and that I need to consolidate my ideas, and reserve the sources for later reference If I'm challenged. Sometimes I think people in the USA need a history lesson before they will understand what I'm trying to say! (Most of them do.)
For instance, there are people all over the US who fervently believe that Slavery was NOT the cause for the Civil War. They read it somewhere, or they saw it on FOX TV, or something, so they think it's true. It saves them the trouble of having to look it up themselves.
Thanks for reading my blog--it means a lot to know that it isn't just out there all by itself. Hello to Inga!!