Sunday, May 27, 2012


These men--living and dead--have had, and are still having a tremendous influence over US Politics.  Universally Republican, they have been instrumental in dragging the United States to the Political Right, socially and fiscally.

The late JERRY FALWELL--founder of Liberty University in Falls Church, VA, (which is today presided over by his son.)  He started a movement called "The Moral Majority" in the 1980's, which lobbied for reinserting Prayer into US public schools.
The late ORAL ROBERTS   of Oklahoma, a faith healer as well as a preacher, founded Oral Roberts University(now run by his son, Richard). He once famously holed himself up in the "Prayer Tower" on campus for weeks, asking God to strike him dead if he didn't raise $8 million dollars by a certain date.  His life was saved, presumably, by a Texas billionaire at the last moment.
JIMMY SWAGGART, in Louisiana, is the cousin of singer Jerry Lee Lewis, and has rock n' Roll in his blood.  His TV broadcasts feature a large number of musical numbers by Jimmy.  In the 1980's, caught in a hotel room with a hooker, he famously pled tearfully for forgiveness on his broadcast.  After he was caught again, his wife, Phyllis, blamed viewers who had not prayed harder for Jimmy and who had failed to send money to the cause.
Swaggart has a University in Louisiana.
PAT ROBERTSON, who once ran as a Republican for US President (coming in second in the Iowa Caucuses),founded Regent University, also in Virginia.  Recent Republican administrations have placed Regent Law grads in important positions.  Robertson is probably most well-known to outsiders as having blamed the 9/11 attacks on New York's tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle and the Feminist movement. 
Really.  You can't make this stuff up...

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Here is Governor Rick Scott of Florida...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

So these guys are at it again...

Rep. John Boehner
Sen. Mitch McConnell

The Rolling Stones -- money-grubbing weasels?

In 1989, The Rolling Stones came to town on their "Steel Wheels" tour.  I did this  design for an "event" T-shirt that some folks wanted to sell before and during the Concert.

But we needed permission from the Rolling Stones. 

I called the Stones' manager in L.A., and he told me that under no circumstances would we be allowed to sell T-shirts of any kind relating to the concert.  He warned me that the Stones were serious about cracking down on "bootleggers" during this tour, and that Federal Marshalls would haul me to jail if I tried to sell just one.

I should never have asked for permission. 
We saw several bootleggers selling unauthorized T-shirts out of backpacks at the concert.

Later, I called the Stones' manager back to report this; I complained that he was being unfair and that my T-shirts were of a much better quality than the ugly "authorized" ones.  He told me that the Stones had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to artists who had designed the shirts under the watchful artistic eyes of the band members.
What's more, the Stones had hired 200 agents specifically to ignore murders and muggings just to get the bootleggers; he doubted that any bootlegging scalawags had escaped their net.

He even claimed that their shirts were printed on "beefy T's."
Huh.  He was not only a bully, he was a liar. 

The authorized shirts looked flimsy to me.