Friday, August 31, 2012


 This year's presidential campaign has puzzled me, as when Mitt Romney says, "I won't apologize for being successful."
And people are talking of the "Politics of Envy."
Since when did "Success" become synonymous with "Wealth?" 
I know a lot of successful people who are happy with their work and their families; who work hard and do a good job every day; and (until they have a medical emergency), they believe they are quite comfortable. 
When I was a child, my father and I stood on the dilapidated front porch of the farmhouse built by my great-grandfather, looking out at the fields Daddy managed for his cousin George. I looked up at my father, who was dressed in his work boots and sweat-stained old Army shirt, and I asked, "Daddy, are we rich?"
Because at that time I felt sorry for every little girl who wasn't me.

This is one of my favorite childhood photos--Daddy holding my sister Marty, while I get to climb on the car!

Two other siblings were to join us:  Margaret, when I was five, and our baby brother, Bill (now called "Big Country" by his three sons & most everyone else...), when I was 14.

This is Marty and me on the back steps of the farmhouse my great-grandfather built.  Another one of my favorite photos.

I seriously thought we were rich.

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